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Mr. Hofer's Lesson Plans for the Week of September 4th, 2017

Week of 09/04/17



Block 2


(American History)

Block 3


(US Government)

Block 4


Labor Day - No School

Labor Day - No School



Labor Day - No School



"DACA Repeal?" Article

Objectives: Students will understand the origins of Canadian culture and its overlap with that of the United States'. Students will memorize political geography of Canada and Latin America.

Finish Watching: Who is Dayani Cristol
Notes: History of Canada

Weekly Reading Assignment: Chapter 6, Section 2 and Chapter 9, sections 1 and 2.

Essential Questions for Ch. 6.2, 9.1, and 9.2

"DACA Repeal?" Article and discussion

Objectives: Students will identify the beginning of Osama bin Laden's jihad against the United States. Students will analyze the motivations of bin Laden and other jihadist groups for targeting the United States/the West.

Read/Respond to "Bin Laden Fatwa" Questions

Objectives: Students will define organizational limits. Students will analyze how participation in the political process is an organizational limits. Students will consider other types of organizational limits.

Begin PBL "A New Government for Xlandia", Due Friday


Sign up for city council meeting.


Bellringer: The forgotten Christopher Columbus

Objective: Students will understand the origins of Latin American society. Students will analyze the effects European migration had on Latin America's indigenous communities.

Notes: Latin American culture

Objectives: Students will understand the origins of the Taliban and the United States' history with the Taliban dating back to 1979. 

"The Secret History of the Taliban" Video WS, do in class

9/11 Parent Discussion on Canvas, Due Thursday

Objective: Students will define "Federal," "Confederal," and "Unitary" Governments. Students will analyze the value of each. Students will apply knowledge to project.


PBL Worktime

City Council Meeting: Arrive no later than 6:15pm.



Objective: Students will review unit content, concepts, and objectives.

Review Jeopardy

‚Äč9/11 Parent Discussion on Canvas, Due

Objectives: Students will analyze primary sources from 9/11.

9/11 Museum Audio Clips

Objectives: Students will understand presidential vs. parliamentary systems. Students will analyze the value of dividing the power of government internally into a system of checks and balances.

PBL Work TIme


Objective: Demonstrate mastery of Unit 1 Concepts, Vocab, and Objectives

CNN 10

Unit 1 Test: North American Cultural Geography

Objectives: Students will understand how the United States responded to the events of 9/11. Students will analyze the "Bush Doctrine"


Current Events Jeopardy

Trump, Obama, and the War on Terror Test, Next Wednesday

"A New Government for Xlandia"Due

Objective: Students will demonstrate their comprehension of organizational limits and their application to governments via their PBL presentation.

Current Events Jeopardy