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Students Voice Opinions on School and Community Issues

It’s come to no surprise the Crofton Schools and Community have been looking to change and update things around the town and school. With the recent community engagement meeting, student perspectives may also be of interest. Four students were asked these three questions about this matter and these were their answers.


1. Based on your school and community, what are points of pride (things that are great) about Crofton?

2. What are things you would change about the school or community?

3. What are some needs in the school or community?


Student 1: Kara Eskins, Senior

  1. I think our school takes great pride in our athletic programs and academics. We are taught great curriculum and have wonderful teachers who will help us with whatever we need, in and out of the classroom.

  2. I think seniors should have more of a say in what happens in our school. We should be allowed more opinion in situations within the school and classroom environment.

  3. We need more locker rooms, a performance stage, a wrestling room/practice area, a better track, bigger classrooms, air conditioning in the commons and gym, and our own charter bus. Technology moving to 1:1 would also be great to improve learning even more.


Student 2: Connor Dahl, Junior

  1. Our school shows major accomplishments and success with athletics and academics. That’s what makes Crofton so great- we balance the two and I think the community support we receive helps us accomplish these high standards we set as a student body.

  2. I think the student body as a whole needs more say in decisions that affect them directly.

  3. I would like to see better 1:1 technology such as individual laptops and bigger classrooms. Bigger classrooms would allow for more people to show interest in classes and would also directly benefit the students with a comfortable work environment. Crofton is known for our high achievers, and this could only show positive outcomes.


Student 4: Andy Knapp, Sophomore

  1. We have great athletic programs here. The teachers are great and help us balance the academics with our busy sports schedules. The community of Crofton was so welcoming when we moved here and continues to be a huge support to all of us.

  2. The school system needs more say from students on issues that we could also help solve.

  3. I think we need better individual technology for students, air conditioning in our gym, and bigger classrooms. Having these advancements in the school would help enhance the environment.


Student 3: Hope Steffen, Freshman

  1. We have great teachers and coaches within our school system who only seek to better us as students. We do very well in academics as well as the music and athletic programs.

  2. The first thing I would change is the school lunch program.

  3. Some of the major needs our school has are bigger classrooms. Class space is a huge issue at Crofton, especially for the Ag and Chorus Programs. Sufficient working area in rooms could allow for more success and future possibilities.