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Students Learn and Create with 3D Printer


Crofton’s design engineering class has been given the opportunity to work with a three-dimensional printer. This machine has been running almost every school day since Crofton High School purchased it in August of 2016.

The printer’s dimensions are 9x8x12 and students that want something larger must be printed into sections, then attached together.

Students can make anything plastic they want to. “The 3D printer plastic prints are used and placed both in the shop and inside of the school, including the toilet paper dispensers because they are no longer made in the model needed,” said CHS teacher Wil Sanger.

Prints are made by students creating a file of what they want, converting it so the machine can read it, and then sending it to the computer in the machine. Students have created a large variety of items, including mouth pieces, phone holders, cups, cupholders and models of deer feeders. “It is a great teaching and learning tool for graphing design,” said Sanger.