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CHS Plans to Go One-to-One

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    When it comes to education, one-to-one is issuing every enrolled student with his/her own mobile device for educational purposes. Students are able to show what they learn in a variety of ways. “One-to-one allows connectivity, creativity, and collaboration”, said Superintendent Corey Dahl. Crofton Community High School is working toward that step in becoming a one-to-one school and hoping to achieve their goal by fall of 2018.

     “Being a one-to-one school puts learning in the students’ hands,” said English teacher Teresa O’Brien. With technology becoming more advanced in our learning environment, the students will have the experience on how to function these devices. A device, such as the iPad Pro, has apps that can be downloaded to help students take notes and enables them to have access to assignments and videos from teachers. If a student were to miss a school day, due to illness or extra curricular activities, one-to-one would allow students to catch up and not miss a beat. The Apple Pencil is another instrument that makes the iPad Pro such an outstanding piece of equipment. Studies show that students learn and remember more if they write information down. The Apple Pencil will allow the students to still be able to write things in their own handwriting. “Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned in a variety of ways because of a device like the iPad Pro. They might create, edit and share a video, use pictures, audio and other digital creations instead of showing what they know by taking a test using paper and a pencil.”said Dahl.

    However, this is not a cheap process. CHS is looking at an estimate of a couple hundred thousand dollars for this project. If CHS were to utilize technology, Dahl wants to do it right.  “We want the devices to be effective for both the students and staff. It may be uncomfortable at first and take some time and training, but if done correctly this will be a very positive thing for our school.”