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Wellness Policy

Article 5                                                      STUDENTS                                           Policy No. 5416


School Wellness Policy


A mission of Crofton Community Schools is to provide curriculum, instruction, and experiences in a health-promoting school environment to instill habits of lifelong learning and health. Therefore, the Board adopts the following School Wellness Policy.


1.                  Goals to Promote Student Wellness

The District has established the following student wellness goals that are designed to promote student wellness in a manner that the District determines to be appropriate:


a.       Nutrition Education.   To implement a curriculum that meets or exceeds the health  and nutrition education objectives    

          established by the Nebraska Department of  Education.

b.       Physical Activity.  To implement a curriculum that meets or exceeds the health and physical education objectives established by the        

           Nebraska Department of Education.

c.       Other School Activities.  To offer other suitable opportunities for students to engage in health-promoting activities.


The Superintendent or designee shall establish such further goals as are determined appropriate to meet the stated mission.


2.                  Nutrition Guidelines

Nutrition guidelines have been selected by the District for all foods available in each school building during the school day with the objective of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity. The guidelines are as follows: (1) school breakfast and lunch programs will be offered which meet or exceed the requirements of federal and state law and regulatory authorities and (2) no foods in competition with the school lunch or breakfast program shall be sold or otherwise made available to students anywhere on school premises during the period of one-half hour prior to the serving period for breakfast and lunch and lasting until one-half hour after the serving of breakfast and lunch. The Superintendent or designee shall establish such further nutrition guidelines as are determined appropriate to meet the stated mission.


3.                   Assurance for Reimbursable School Meals

The District gives the assurance that the District's guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the Secretary of Agriculture pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of section 10 of the Child Nutrition Act (42 U.S.C. 1779) and sections 9(f)(l) and 17(a) of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1758(f)(l), 1766(a)), as those regulations and guidance apply to the District.


4.                   Plan for Measuring Implementation and Designation of Responsible Persons

The Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee is charged with operational responsibility for ensuring that the school meets the Wellness Policy. The Superintendent or designee shall measure implementation of the Wellness Policy by conducting periodic reviews or receiving periodic reports.


  1.                Development of Policy

The District assures that development of the Wellness Policy involved parents, students, representatives of the District's nutrition services department, the school board, school administrators,  and the public.



Legal Reference:     The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004, 42 USC 1751; Regulations and Procedures for Accreditation of Schools, NDE                                                 Rule 1O; National School Lunch Program, 42 U.S.C §§1751-1760, 1770; 7 CFR § 210



Date of Adoption:    Adopted Annually by Board Action