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Weekly Lesson Plan

September 25, 2017


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Weekly Lesson Plans

English 9

Every day: Journal/DOL

Monday-Vocab Unit 6 worksheet packet/ quiz Friday

  --Discussion of Romeo and Juliet, review Act 3, quiz

Tuesday-Read R&J Act 4, sc 1, 2

-Capital letter rules

Wednesday--Discuss Act 4, sc 1,  2, read sc 3,4

--Capital letter ex 4,5

Thursday-Discuss sc 3,4, read Act 4, sc 5

--Capital letters ex 6,7,8

Friday--Correct vocab unit, vocab quiz 6

--Disscus/review Act 4, quiz



Spanish 1

Monday- use of adjectives, numbers, interrogative words

Tuesday-hobby vocab/ use of GUSTAR and IO pronouns/, worksheets

Wednesday--practice listening, use of GUSTAR and pronouns, worksheets

Thursday-use of GUSTAR, Website practice and review.

Friday-Hobby vocab quiz. review worksheet


Spanish 2

Monday--Rules for use of SER vs ESTAR, worksheets

Tuesday--Website practice of SER vs ESTAR, worksheet packet work,

Wednesday--reading of Roque story

Thursday--SER vs ESTAR website practice, worksheet packet work

Friday-SER vs ESTAR, worksheets