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Lesson Plans: August 22-26


January 22, 2017


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M:Hand out student expectations and classroom guidelines.  Go over.  Assign: 10 point value scale.

T: Students will hand in value scales.  Hand out books.  Read/discuss pages 2-24.  Assign: Geometric Shapes. Due tomorrow.

W:  Hand in geometric shapes.  Assign: rounded/cylindrical objects.  Page 34; hand with basketball and choice of apple or tomato. Due tomorrow.

TH:  Hand in above assignment.  Assign:  grapes, pearl, pumpkin from pages 35 and 36.

F: Hand in homework times.  Hand in above assignments.  Assign:  pepper, tomatoes and teapot for Monday.  




M:  Update all homework times.  Students are completeing first drawing assignment.  It is due today.  Matt and put up.  May begin choice of pencil drawing today.

T: Work on pencil drawing.  Graph.  Layout outline by end of class.  Begin shading today if possible.

W:  Continue to work on pencil drawing.

TH: Work on first drawing project.  Due by date assigned.

F: Hand in homework times.  Work on first drawing assignment. 




M: No class.

T:  Hand out class expectations.  Honors Students  will be assigned value scales, geometric shapes and continue to work on individualized pieces.  Constructive criticism, guidance and even other students' suggestions will continue to assist art students towards completing their work.  Students will begin with a drawing of a model wearing a denim jacket.  This will be drawn on a much larger scale. About 4 times the size of a regular sheet of paper.   This assignment will be due one week from today, August the 23rd. 

W: Critique work completed thus far.  Each student will have their own bredth/depth of project to complete.  Each student's success is dependant upon their own individual work and the constructive guidance along with other student's suggestions in order to assist that student towards the compleation of their work.  Students may use a variety of mediums that are availalbe at school.  Teacher will continue to check and not student progression each day and most especially, each Friday or the last day of the week that paticular student will be in Honors Art for said week. 

TH: Continue to work on individual assignment.  Homework time is due tomorrow.

F:  Hand in homework time.  Continue to work on individualized assignments. 



M: Hand in egg, 2 cylinders, cone and mouse.   Will discuss graphing.  Assigment: seal.

T:  Hand in assignment.  Assigment: bird on page 31 and read pages 36-40.  Due tomorrow.

W:  Hand in bird.  Assign:  mouse and seal for tomorrow.  Will explain graphing today.  

Th:  Hand in mouse and seal.  In class we will draw bird and study faical features of eyes and noses.  Fur will also be discussed.    Assign:  Elephant.  Due by middle of class time tomorrow.

F:  Hand in homework sheets.  May work on elephant until 1/2 way thru class.  Hand in.  Assign:  Tiger.  Graph.