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At OnToCollege, our mission is to help schools and families create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.

A two- or four-year college degree is increasingly a prerequisite for good-paying jobs. In the face of escalating automation and globalization, a degree dramatically improves a young person’s life chances. Yet only 42 percent of Americans have either a two- or four-year college degree. (1)

And the likelihood of attaining a degree plummets where incomes are lower. Currently 80 percent of children from top economic quartile families graduate from college, while only 11 percent of children from bottom economic quartile families graduate from college—a 7.5 to 1 ratio. (2)

While having an associate or bachelor degree has become more critical, earning either has become more expensive. High student loan debt marginalizes the graduate’s ability to unleash the skills and knowledge inherent in the degree.

At OnToCollege, we believe all students deserve the right college at the right price. That’s why we’re passionate about helping students find their best-fit college at the lowest cost.