The State of Nebraska and the Crofton Community School Board of Education each have specific required information that each student must submit prior to the initial entrance into Crofton Community School:

  1. Birth Certificate.

  2. Written evidence of a health examination and a vision examination by a qualified physician and administered within six months prior to entrance. This includes all incoming kindergarteners and all students transferring from out of state.

  3. A record of immunization as determined by state law and the Nebraska Department of Health regulations.

  4. Prior school records and grades, when applicable.

  5. A copy of Court Order of Guardianship if child is not with legal parent.

  6. Upon entering the Crofton Community Schools, parents and students will be given forms and a Student Handbook. The forms should be returned to the school upon the requested date.

  7. This handbook outlines the policies and procedures of the district.

  8. In addition, these programs are offered: Title 1, free and reduced lunch, transportation, speech and language services, and a resource program for students with learning disabilities.

Elementary Student Enrollment Form

For more information please contact us:

Elementary: 402-388-4357

JH/HS: 402-388-2440