College Transfer - A TOOL FOR YOU?

If you are a college student considering transferring courses, an adult returning to college or a high school student with college credit… Transfer Nebraska Is For You! 

How Transfer Nebraska Can Help You
In today's competitive job market, a college degree is more important than ever. If you have completed one or more college courses and want to see how they might transfer, you're in the right place.

Nebraska’s higher education institutions have joined together to offer Transfer Nebraska, a one-stop site that provides you with a list of courses that will transfer from one school to another – helping you to plan your future, save time and money, and stay on the path to a degree and successful career.

Features Of Transfer Nebraska

  • Easy, quick-click method of seeing whether your courses will transfer

  • Course descriptions that help you see the similarities and differences between courses

  • Multi-year college catalogs to identify the exact course you took in a specific year

  • Course codes, numbers and credits that help you select the right course to take for optimum transfer